Dartford District Scouts

District Team

Listed below are the roles and people who currently fill them in our District. They are more than happy to assist you with your Scouting questions. They can be contacted via email by clicking on their name.

District Commissioner (GSL Liaison, Group Support & WSJ Support) - Alan Ball

District Commissioner (Programme 6-14 yrs) - Shaun Ford

District Commissioner (Programme 14-25 yrs) - Liz Frost

District Commissioner (Development, Training & Safeguarding) - Nigel Rainey

Assistant District Commissioner (Beavers) - Adam Waydick

Assistant District Commissioner (Cubs) - David Celino-Stock

Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts) - Vacant

District Explorer Scout Commissioner - Matt Anscomb

District Scout Network Commissioner - Angus Gardner

District Beaver Scout Leader - Jacqui Wilkinson

District Cub Scout Leader - Vacant

District Scout Leader - Vacant

Assistant District Commissioner (Activities) - Andy Gray

Assistant District Commissioner (Communications) - Rob Weller

Assistant District Commissioner (Diversity & Inclusion) - Vacant

Assistant District Commissioner (Growth & Development) - Vacant

Assistant District Commissioner (Special Needs) - Jo Byles

Local Training Manager - Sue Martin

District Positions

District President - Ann Allen MBE

District Vice Presidents - Peter & Wendy McLean

District Chair - William Ward

District Treasurer - Vacant

District Secretary - Teresa Gordon

District Scout Active Support Manager - Ashley Hambridge

DASCO Scout Active Support Coordinator - Margaret Stephens

District Nights Away Advisor - Neil Brunsdon / Martin Sweet

District Badge Secretary - Lynne Villiers

District Scout Shop Manager - David Stephens

District Executive Committee Members

Kelvin Holford


Scouting in Dartford

Dartford District is made up of 13 groups providing adventurous activities to 100s of young people.

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