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Beavers Leeds Castle Trip
29th September 2018

8th Dartford (Holy Trinity)

8th Dartford are based on Oakfield lane in Central Dartford. The group consists a full compliment of sections. They are joint with Hiltonia Explorers. 

Their current Group Scout Leader is Jill HolfordIf you are interested in joining 8th Dartford or want more details from the group, follow the "Join the 8th" link on the drop down menu.




Kiayah Colony meet on Tuesdays from 16:40-18:00

8th Dartford Cubs meet on Tuesdays from 18:30-20:00

8th Dartford Scouts meet on Thursdays from 19:15-21:00

Hiltonia Explorers meet on Mondays from 19:30-21:30


Scouting in Dartford

Dartford District is made up of 13 groups providing adventurous activities to 100s of young people.

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